We are proud to represent the Dynamite Book Project™ and the Tiny Tales™ Book Series

The Dynamite Book Project
The Dynamite Book Project™ provides magnificent images that inspire students to learn, laugh and create as they write short stories based on the images they choose. Not only do the students learn about the subject they write about, but they become published authors along the way.

The Dynamite Book Project works with schools to compile, design and market these books to families, the community and beyond. Big Heart Publishing assists with ongoing books sales and asset management. We donate a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of each book back to these schools for support for programs,
trips and equipment.

It is FREE for schools to participate in the Dynamite Book Project. Marketing materials and support are absolutely NO COST. This is made possible by donations from the community and business who support literacy and share the belief that a child’s imagination is far too precious to waste.

The Tiny Tales Book Series
Books created as part of the Dynamite Book Project belong to the Tiny Tales Book Series. Titles in the series include: “Cariboo Kidlets,” published in 2012 and “Amazing Animal Tales”, published in 2014 with the students of the Wells-Barkerville School in
Wells, B.C.

This project is the brainchild of Lynn Marie Stevens of See What Eye See Photography. She is a photographer, passionate about helping students connect with their imagination and creativity through the images she has created. When writing for the
Tiny Tales™ book series, young students create a legacy for themselves, their school and their families.



Many of Big Heart Publishing’s projects also offer a fundraising component. For example, partial proceeds from the sale of many of our books are donated back to schools in the community or to select charities.

Individual schools may hold a raffle-type fundraiser when hosting the Dynamite Book Project, one of our primary projects. In response, we donate prizes such as a Special Edition book or framed print as well as provide marketing material in support. Schools manage and retain 100% of all raffle proceeds.

When you purchase books from Big Heart Publishing, you’re not only supporting the efforts of young authors, but also helping to support the ability of schools to provide materials, equipment or trips they might not have otherwise been able to. Make a big difference today…


The Book Buddy Program

Be a Hero!
The Book Buddy Program was created to ensure that every young student receives the book featuring their story. By purchasing additional books to donate to the school or library of their choice, local businesses and families help to support young authors and literacy. Book Buddy Heroes can identify which school and/or class they wish the books to go to. Otherwise, books are distributed at the Teacher’s discretion.

*Applies to all titles within the Tiny Tales™ book series.