Hello World!


By Diane Chubb

Join one little girl as she sets off to explore the seven continents in seven days. Every day is a brand new adventure meeting animal friends, and having cupcake tea parties while dancing her way around the world. Young readers enjoy the wonderful rhythmic patterns and learn fun bits about the continents and the cultures therein. Inspired by a quizzical little girl, this book is full of fun and learning. Beautifully illustrated.

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Hello World! by Diane Chubb (20 pages, 2018)

ISBN:  978-1-988927-07-7

Order Number: HWorld-10-2018

Price: $12.00

Description: Saddle-stitch, 20 pages

For ages: 4+

Illustrated by: Jaslyne Shaw

Finishing: Softcover, Saddle Stitched, Laminated