Bring Your Children's Book To Life with
Big Heart Publishing!

Big Heart Publishing provides all the necessary tools involved in bringing your book to life. We publish picture books, short stories, bedtime stories and stories often written by children.

What to expect from Our Team

  • 20 Years experience in print/design

  • Highest attention to detail

  • Unique Illustration services

  • Ability to create author visibility

  • One-on-one services

  • High Quality Products

Our Publishing Services

  • Professional Editing
  • Unique Design
  • Custom Illustrations
  • Hard / soft cover / Ebook formats

Our Publishing Packages

Entry Level


Starting at

  • Cover Design (Soft Cover)
  • Assign ISBN
  • Archives of Canada
  • Copyrights Certificate
  • Interior Design & Layout/ Illustrations not Included
  • Listed on Amazon
  • Author Discounts
  • 1 Free Copy of Your Book
  • 1 Hour One-On-One Marketing Strategy
  • And More!!!

It all Starts With A Dream!



Starting At

  • Cover Design (Soft Cover)
  • Assign ISBN
  • Archives of Canada
  • Copyrights Certificate
  • Interior Design & Layout
  • Listed on Amazon
  • Author Discounts
  • 5 Free Copies of Your Book
  • 2 Hours One-On-One Marketing Strategy
  • Basic Marketing Package
  • And More!!!

Let The Magic Begin!



Starting At

  • Cover Design (Soft Cover)
  • Assign ISBN
  • Archives of Canada
  • Copyrights Certificate
  • Interior Design &  layout
  • Listed on Amazon
  • Author Discounts
  • 30 Free Copies of Your Book
  • 10 Hours One-On-One Strategy Marketing
  • Professional Marketing Package
  • Graphics and Goodies For Online Marketing
  • Book Signing Kit
  • The Kitchen Sink
  • 500 Business Cards & Bookmarks
  • And Much More!!!

You Did It!
I knew You Could

Each one of our publishing packages are built and designed to fit your needs and your budget. Don't see what you need, get in touch today to see how we can help!

Dedicated to Creating a Quality Story Book

Our design team has developed winning print collateral for more than 20 years. Together, we will give your book the attention it deserves, from illustration to advanced typesetting. No detail is too small to be overlooked.

The books in our catalogue, all bear witness to the care and attention we provide. Your book can be developed from copy-to-shelf in just a few months. We work with our authors closely to ensure that they are not only happy with the final outcome, but thrilled!

Bringing Your Work to Life

You’ve worked hard to develop your craft. Let Big Heart Publishing bring your work to life. There are many moving parts within the effort to create a great storybook. Beyond design, illustration and production services, Big Heart Publishing strives to help our authors reach a wider audience through our comprehensive marketing programs.

Building an Audience

What good is a book if no one reads it? When authors choose a BHP Marketing Program for their book, they discover a team of dedicated professionals working with them. On a case by case basis, our team reviews the best strategies to help the right audience discover your book. Online marketing and social media are some of the tools we use to ensure that your book finds the audience it deserves.

Developing the Author

We believe in developing the source. To this end, BHP provides a scope of services to help build the profile of its authors, particularly if the author is engaged in writing a series. We use a variety of mediums and contacts within the public relations and media to bring an audience not only to the book, but the author as well.

Storybook Distribution

Big Heart Publishing works with various groups in the Canada and the US, depending on the scale, scope and geography of the audience for your book. Our solutions are usually trimmed to the specific marketing needs of your book.